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First Discovery 30 Minute Mentoring is FREE!

News: February 2021

To help those of you who want to refresh your skills and plug any gaps in your theatre industry experience and knowledge, during this lockdown I am offering a FREE 30 MINUTE mentoring session. 


Please forward this offer to colleagues in your network who may be interested.


People who might benefit from the mentoring session include the following theatre and drama practitioners: 


·         young people starting out in the industry who cannot afford degree level training

·         people who may have financial and access issues, who still want training in the arts

·         drama teachers, amateur companies and graduates who may require mentoring and/or further training in technical theatre

·         freelancers who may require career support

·         practitioners working in production management, lighting, sound, design, costume, prop making, stage management and construction.



During our lockdown periods, like many I have been investigating how we can support each other, how we can keep our brains active and how we can communicate better with each other with respect; also thinking about how we hone our skill sets and find time to make changes or learn more, to help us when our world returns to some sort of normality.


The mentoring sessions arise out of the gap that I have observed in theatre education and practice whereby new professionals could benefit from an understanding of the bigger picture in end-to-end theatre production process and the impact of their role on others. 


For example, recently some of the questions I have mentored people on include:


·         How do I do contract negotiation for a new role?

·         Is the fee on offer, fair?

·         What do I do if there is not enough budget for the production?

·         How do I get the right information from my designer?

·         What do I do if I feel a staging element is unsafe?

·         How do I justify requesting an extra member on the team?

To arrange your FREE 30 MINUTE MENTORING session email me at



Fees are negotiable thereafter.

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